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13. Taiwan, the blessings of soil

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Postcard was sent by jill0726 who lives in Taiwan. Postcard shows some harvest from Taiwanese fields. Taiwan has a dynamic, capitalist, export-driven economy with gradually decreasing state involvement in investment and foreign trade. In keeping with this trend, some large government-owned banks and industrial firms are being privatized. Real growth in GDP has averaged about 8% during the past three decades. Exports have provided the primary impetus for industrialization. The trade surplus is substantial, and foreign reserves are the world's fifth largest. The Republic of China has its own currency, the New Taiwan dollar.

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  1. Chyba "pożyczę" tą pocztówkę do ulubionych, jest ciekawa i taka hmm... sama nie wiem, ale mój wzrok przyciąga. Chyba dzięki tej zieleni zbiorów i niebieskiemu kolorowi samochodu ;)







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